Happening Now: Two Special Deals to Buy Photos at iStock

There are two special deals happening now at iStock to save money and get great stock photos at bargain prices. We list iStock deal 1 and deal 2 below with details.

Celebration of iStock Photo Deals
Image above: Celebration of iStock Photo Deals

iStock is the best stock photography site in the world by a wide margin, in our opinion. It offers stock photos, illustrations, video, and audio. It is very likely you can find what you need on the site fast and at a better quality than you may have even hoped for.

iStock Deal 1:

At this iStock plans and pricing page, there is currently a deal at the top of the page to get 10 images for $40 a month with a subscription. That is an amazing deal.

iStock Deal 2:

When you join iStock here, you get free photos every week! You can also get newsletters if you choose.

Browse all iStock photos, vectors, illustrations, video, and audio here.

Our Ultimate Guide to Using iStockphoto

Although you can get free stock photos online, it can take a lot of time to find the perfect images for your needs. You could spend hours or days looking through free stock photo Websites just to find one image or a handful of images that are fitting for your needs.

Stock photography image

iStockphoto is a huge website that has images that are less expensive than many other stock photo websites. They have millions of images, simple pricing, and you can get images in any size you need. They also have more than just stock photos. They have video footage, vector graphics, stock illustrations, and music clips. Because iStockphoto has a large team, you can contact them for support needs or you can just expect that they are frequently getting the latest stock images that can fit your needs.

Variety in Images

Not only can you find great images such as people or landscapes, but you can also find very specific images as well. Some images that you may not find elsewhere could be a specific photo of back surgery for example. Or, if you’re just looking for an image that you can use in your holiday photo card, you can find it.

iStockphoto Official Site

Here is a link to the iStockphoto official site, where you can find images that are less expensive than many others. Not only can you find low prices, but also no catch. With millions of great images, you can find the royalty-free images that you will need. Whether it is stock music, a stock photo, or a music clip, you can find it.

Image Search

At this iStockphoto link, you’ll find a large search box where you can quickly search through millions of photos. You can also navigate from there to different categories and also other types of stock media.

List of all Categories

You can browse all of the stock categories here and see just how many types of images you can find.

Pricing for Photos, Videos and Music Clips

You can find iStockphoto plans and pricing here, noticing that there are multiple ways you can buy affordable images for your personal website, business site or company presence online.

Video Footage

When you need some great video footage, you’ll find stunning videos here that are easy to search through.

Stock Illustrations and Also Vector Graphics

Not every project necessarily needs a real photo. With illustrations and vector graphics here, you can tell a lot through your imagery. Many presentations can be enhanced quite a lot by adding vector graphics and also stock illustrations.

Sell Your Images

Here is a link where you can sell your stock photos. iStockphoto is a great company to sell stock photos since they refresh the site often and pay photographers well for imagery.

Music Clips

At this link you can find music clips for any audio needs that you have. The music clips area is quite extensive so you may need to use search.

iStockphoto has many compelling images that you won’t find elsewhere. Quite often when you find a new low price, if you were to look around you would notice just how unbelievable their prices are. Whether you want one stock photograph, many stock photos, a music clip, or some video footage, it is the website where you can find what you need.

Find less expensive images you won't find elsewhere at iStockPhoto here:

3 Tips for Selling Your Photos on the Best Paid Stock Photo Sites

When using the best paid stock photo sites, you can ensure they are the highest paying stock photo sites for your photos. Here are tips to help you:

  1. The first tip is to know and use the best two websites that pay for photos. Those sites are http://www.shutterstock.com and http://www.istockphoto.com.
  2. Our second tip is to plan your paid stock photos. Look around the sites we just mentioned so you can see the types of stock photography that are most popular.
  3. When selling stock photos, don’t waste too much time haggling for price if you’ve already gone to one or both of these sites, http://www.shutterstock.com and http://www.istockphoto.com. It is ideal to move on to the next sale to keep generating revenue.

With these tips, you can leverage your photos in a way that works best for your wallet. Also see more about sites you can sell and buy photos here.

Top 3 Products to Help with iPhone Photography

It can be a lot of fun taking photos with an iPhone as many of us have them! The front and back iPhone built in cameras have many uses, including flexibility, portability, and ease of use. It is easy to take many photos as they can be deleted as needed. In addition, there are many Apple iPhone apps to help with self timers, camera shake, image editing, social media (Websites such as Facebook, twitter), photo sharing (Websites such as flickr, Instagram) and burst mode shooting. We have found three top, affordable products which help vastly with iPhone photography on the go:

  1. You can use this special lens from Olloclip with your Apple iPhone for fisheye, wide angle, and macro photos
  2. This Joby tripod is spectacular for iPhone photography
  3. It can be very useful to have a backup iPhone 4 battery charger such as one of these

We recommend these photo and other sites reviews.

Search through millions of images at iStockPhoto here:

Amazon Best Sellers in Photography Equipment and Books

These two pages feature Amazon.com best Sellers in photography equipment and books. Looking through best sellers on these two pages, you can find a terrific selection of books, camera equipment, and photography accessories for your photography business or hobby.

  1. Amazon best sellers in camera and photo equipment
  2. Amazon best sellers in photography books

See sites reviews here.

Making Money With Your Photography

Although it can be difficult to make a living as a photographer, I have personally done so in a number of ways over the years. One way I recommend making money with photography is making it part of or the whole full-time job you choose. Many companies need an amateur or professional photographer on staff take photos of people, products, and other subject matter. Having someone on staff to photograph can save them money. Often, the company will train people to photograph, or rely on the person’s known expertise.

A second way to make money with photography is to sell photos to stock photography websites. Some photos make quite a bit of money, while others make nothing. You can do your best to guess which photos will be successful and sell, but you really don’t always know. What is necessary when selling stock photography is to always feature your best work. Stock photography does provide a full living for many photographers and for others provides supplemental income.

A third terrific way to make money as a photographer is to photograph sporting events, weddings, babies, couples, etc. To make money in all these cases and more as a photographer, you can get work by networking, advertising, putting up your website, promoting yourself through social media, getting recognized by referrals, and doing free work at times.


Posing for Photographs

When posing for photographs, not everyone (including myself), is a natural model. It is helpful to spend some time on your own looking in the mirror and photographing yourself. This way you know the best angles, ways to turn your head, expressions, and whether or not to show your teeth when smiling for photos. It is also useful, when posing for photos, to remember to always take the time to look your best immediately.

It could be that no one will see each photo, or photos could be posted to Facebook and tagged for many to see. Or, you may want copies of the photos yourself for later use. Often people are judged by how they look in photos. That is unfortunate, but part of human nature. It can only help to practice being photogenic on the spot.

Read about stock photo sites and see more site reviews.

Preparing for Photos by Paying Close Attention to Detail

Preparing for photos is important as the quality can be notably increased. For example, if taking the time to have a number of people stand for a photograph, later when the photograph has been taken and everyone is reviewing it, people will notice their smiles, how close they are, if they are blinking, lighting, shadows, cropping, etc. It is necessary to take the extra seconds or minute to pay attention to those close details while taking photos. Although you could review photos while they’re being taken, usually it is best to look at each photo briefly as it pops up on the digital camera back screen.

Everyone wants to look good in a photo, smile in an appealing way, and be visible. Taking the time to carefully shoot each photo will prevent a lot of time later selecting from photos which each have good components, but not everything in one photo.

Read about stock photo sites and see more site reviews.

Framing Photos on the Spot or Cropping Them Later

Some photographers like to shoot a larger scene and crop later. Cropping photos after taking them does offer the ability to explore artistic creativity. But, cropping photographs later takes a lot of time and lowers resolution due to zooming in. I have gotten used to sometimes taking a larger photo with the ability to crop later, and the other half of the time framing the shot on the spot.

Framing a photograph while taking it offers the ability to save time later and maximize resolution, not to mention quality. Framing a photo perfectly the first time means there is a higher chance that later when you review your photos, you can identify the winners.

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What Camera to Bring to Photograph Events

When I am going out to photograph sports events, a family celebration, a model show, or other happening, it is necessary to bring the right cameras. These days, I don’t generally bring traditional film cameras just so that I can save money and have flexibility. I bring my best larger digital camera to events where I know I’ll have the time and ability to use it. If I’m on the run and I know I don’t have any space for a large camera, I’ll generally bring a compact, portable digital camera. That way, in case some great subject matter appears, at least I do have a camera. In other cases where I am not going out to photograph an event, I always ensure I have my iPhone with me so that at least I can capture a decent quality image in a pinch. Of course, other phones beyond iPhones, such as Androids, also feature cameras.

In most cases, the cameras featured now on cell phones are ideal just for portability and to use and a pinch. I feel that anytime I am going to actually shoot an event, I want to bring the best camera I can carry and conveniently use.

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